How we keep it Green and Clean with HP

Sign customers are asking for green solutions from their sign companies. At HP, we’re happy to help sign making businesses like SIGNARAMA give their customers what they want.

A couple months ago, we were in Las Vegas at the SIGNARAMA World Expo, showing off our L26500 latex printer. This is an important printer in terms of making printing more eco-friendly. Our new printer has the capability to print better graphics with shorter turnaround time - all in a more functional way.

We see it as an improvement over the solvent ink products, which are still being used widely. The problem is that it’s bad for the environment. It’s flammable, combustible, and is considered toxic waste. It also puts harmful levels of VOCs in the air, which is bad for the people who work in the shop.

Latex ink, on the other hand, is a water-based ink that can do everything that a solvent ink can do, but with better image quality. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly to boot (no nasty side effects!). Since latex ink is water-based, it also does not contain any VOCs and can be used for signage in schools, parks, and other areas where children will be present.

Recycling is something that HP has fully embraced with this new era of printing as well. We’re making it possible for SIGNARAMA store owners to tell customers they are providing a green alternative for their sign making needs.

Along with the ink being better for the environment, HP is committed to recycling and reducing our carbon footprint. We do this by setting up several recycling programs, like Planet Partners, for example.

In Planet Partners, we help our customers to recycle HP inkjet and LaserJet cartridges for free. We give them a return box with a postage paid label to ship back any used cartridges to us. We then use the components to make new cartridges, thereby reducing the waste that would otherwise be found in a landfill. Solvent ink cartridges cannot be recycled and take up landfill space as waste.

HP is committed to helping the planet anywhere we can. The L26500 is a step in that direction, because it’s not only reducing the impact of the chemicals used in sign making, it is making the working environment safer for the workers as well, by not exposing them to harsh chemicals and solvents.